Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Well, snow, I guess

It snowed Saturday night.  Today is Tuesday, and this picture was taken yesterday.  So much for the snow.  It's a little embarrassing, really, considering what's going on in the rest of the country.  I compare this with a picture my friend B. posted on Facebook of her little guest cottage drifted in with snow on the shore of Lake Ontario, and, well, it's a little embarrassing.

But it did snow, and it lifted my spirits to see the snow coming down, lit by the street lights, and to wake up in the morning and have to brush off the car to set out on what could have been a slightly iffy ride.  Seattle has so little snow that, paradoxically, it's more dangerous here than in Buffalo when it snows.  A few inches becomes a serious problem because there is not enough equipment (understandably--why buy equipment only to let it sit 364 days a year?) to clean things up quickly.

So the little kids went out in the snow and tried to slide and made little fencepost snowmen and got all pink and damp. On the whole, though, Seattle does kale and chard and parsley a lot better in the winter than it does snow.  Which is nice, really, especially since little C. has decided that parsley is acceptable greenery (nothing else that is green is allowed) and thus has added that to the meager list of food she will eat.

And on this morning's walk I saw tree buds ragging out, nodding hellebore blossoms, perky ornamental cabbage, primroses, and other evidence that really, guys, spring is just around the corner.

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